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Voici plusieurs interviews du mois de juin... Bonne lecture à toi katie Smile même si c'est à peu près toujours un peu la même chose!


TheBiatches a écrit:
The Broadcast Interview

Emma Bunton, Heart
11 June, 2009 | By Michael Rosser

She took girl power to the world as the youngest Spice Girl. Now 33, how is the mother of one going to spice things up with new radio presenting gig on Heart, asks Michael Rosser

Fact File
Born Finchley, London, ‘76
Education Sylvia Young Theatre School
Presenting career Heart FM (presenter), June 2009; Heart 106.2 (co-host), February, then May to June 2009; Loose Women (ITV1), December 2008; For One Night Only (ITV1),

September 2008; Richard & Judy (C4), July 2008; Emma (VH1), 1999On air Friday, 4-7pm, Heart 106.2; Saturday 4-7pm, Heart
Listens to Emma B and Toby Anstis, Heart 106.2
Lives Hertfordshire, with boyfriend Jade Jones and two-year-old son Beau

Emma Bunton looks at ease when we meet at Global Radio’s Leicester Square studios, which is unsurprising,
considering the former Spice Girl has spent much of the past 15 years promoting her records in such surroundings.

But ‘Baby Spice’ (as she’ll forever be known) is stepping over to the other side of the desk to present a Friday
and Saturday drivetime show on Heart from 12 June.

“On television, I sometimes feel like I put up a barrier, but when I’m on radio, I feel free to talk about anything,”
she says, reflecting on her experience of co-presenting Heart Breakfast with Jamie Theakston in February and more recently with Harriet Scott.

The move is part of Global’s strategy both to further grow the audience for London’s Heart 106.2, which achieved a record 1.97 million listeners in the first three months of the year, and also to give a boost to its troubled regional Heart stations, which will syndicate Bunton’s Saturday show from 4-7pm across 24 stations.

London’s ‘Feel Good Friday with Emma Bunton’ will be mainly music-based while the Saturday edition will
include phone-ins, guests and backstage reports. “I’ve told them I want to talk a lot,” she laughs.

Spice things up

Amid recent claims the radio sector is failing to represent a diverse range of voices and culture, what is Bunton going to add to the mix?

“I’m going to provide something a bit different, especially from other female DJs,” she says. “I’m not going to name the other station but there’s one with a couple of girls where they’re just trying to be too cool.

“I’ve listened to DJs, such as Chris Moyles, who sometimes get it just brilliantly, but sometimes it’s just rude. You can still be funny and dry without being rude. I’m 33 and a mother. I want to tell some great stories and play good music - I think people will be able to relate to me.”

Bunton cites Chris Evans as a solid radio jock and says she’ll draw inspiration from her recent experience with
Theakston and Scott. “From Jamie, I’ve learned to quickly get to the point of your stories, and Harriet always knows exactly what she’s doing next - very professional,” she says.

Bunton’s TV work includes guest presenting on Channel 4 youth strand T4, cameos in BBC sitcom Absolutely Fabulous and Neighbours, and ranking third in Strictly Come Dancing.

More recently, she stood in for Judy Finnigan to present with Richard Madeley last summer and debuted on the panel on ITV1’s Loose Women in December.

“I can get [celebrities] to let go a bit more when I’m doing interviews as I’m part of their industry,” she says.

Bunton has made her fair share of contacts over the years. Joining Scary, Sporty, Ginger and Posh in ‘94 aged 18, Bunton was launched into the spotlight when girl power exploded in ‘96. She spent the next 15 years touring with the group until launching her solo career in 2001, releasing three albums.

As someone who faced the pressures of instant fame at a young age, what does Bunton think about Susan Boyle’s admission to The Priory after losing Britain’s Got Talent, and the government’s move to conduct a major public consultation on the use of young people in TV shows?

“It must be quite weird for [Susan Boyle] who stepped on stage, sung a song and now she’s famous worldwide. It’s a lot of pressure. Having the other Spice Girls was a big [plus] point - just being able to talk to each other.”

Staying power

As for Bunton’s new gig, has she got the staying power to build a loyal following? After all, radio audiences thrive on familiarity and don’t take well to presenters who are here one minute and gone the next.

“I’ve been approached by other radio stations in the past but the time feels right,” adds Bunton. “An audience loves to be able to hear someone every week and get to know them.

I’m ready to make that commitment.”



Foolish a écrit:
"Celebrities and news-makers are grilled by Matthew Stadlen in exactly five minutes in a series for the BBC News website.

This week, Spice Girl Emma Bunton tells Matt about what makes her dance, life as a mum and reveals her hidden talent. "


TheBiatches a écrit:Off the recordGet to know her a bit better. Emma answers our questions in this quick Q and A session.

Most likely to be spotted on the dance-floor when which song is playing?
At the present time it would have to be Ciara featuring Justin Timberlake’s song ‘Love Sex Magic’. But if I’ve had a few too many then it would have to be a Spice Girls song – ‘Who Do You Think You Are’!

Which celebrity would you have play you in a film of your life?
That would have to be Kate Hudson. I think she’s fun and has a great sense of comedy.

If you were completely fearless what would you do?
If I was completely fearless I would probably try and fly!

What was the worst job you've ever had?
The worst job I ever had was when I was working as a cleaner for just a few pounds an hour. But it did help when I wanted to go out on the weekend!

Your most embarrassing moment?
That is definitely when I fell over in Las Vegas on the last Spice Girls tour. It was very embarrassing and painful- I had to go to hospital afterwards to make sure I hadn’t really injured myself!

What's the best piece of advice anyone's ever given you?
That was probably from my mother, who always said to be honest as the truth always comes out.

Your favourite insult?
I can’t tell you that, it’s too rude!

Any nicknames?
Baby Spice

The best gig you ever went to?
That would have to be my first ever gig. We went to see Bananarama. I didn’t know what to expect and I went with a girlfriend of mine. We had the best time!

What are you most looking forward to about your new show?
I’m most looking forward to playing some fantastic songs. And also, being a mum I don’t get out much, so this will be a great start to my weekend!

If you could have one super power what would it be?
Teleportation because I love travelling. It would help improve my carbon footprint too!

Your fave quote?
When my son Beau was born, my favourite quote that I saw was ‘Baby has a baby’.

The first record you ever bought and where?
That was ‘Hey Mickey’ by Toni Basil. I bought it from a really small music shop in Finchley with my mum.


Emma's top tunesDiscover Emma's feelgood favourite tracks.

I Found Lovin’ - The Fatback Band
Love Sex Magic – Ciara feat. Justin Timberlake
Got To Be Real – Cheryl Lynn
Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) – Beyonce
That’s Not My Name – The Ting Tings


TheBiatches a écrit:
By Laura Herbert
June 17, 2009

Heart’s latest presenter wants to spice up your Saturdays. No wonder, as it’s Emma Bunton, formerly known as Baby Spice

It may have been at least 10 years since you last heard a Spice Girls hit played on the radio for the build-up to your Saturday night out.

But things could all change as Emma Bunton – also known as Baby Spice – took over the airwaves in Reading on Saturday and became the newest presenter on Heart, the radio station that, until recently, used to be known as 2TEN FM.

“When I got asked to do the show it just felt perfect at the time and it’s a Saturday, so I get to go out and have a bit of a party as well,” she says.

When 24Seven caught up with the mum-of-one last week she had just finished covering for Harriet Scott, who presents Heart’s breakfast show with Jamie Theakston in London and used to be a presenter on 2Ten-FM and an Evening Post columnist, and was looking forward to having a much-needed lie-in.

Since her time with The Spice Girls, Emma has enjoyed her own solo career, came third in the 2006 series of Strictly Come Dancing and has even turned her hand at television presenting.

“As I get older I’ve become more nosey,” she confesses. “I like interviewing people and asking the questions.”

Before she took on the role as Heart’s latest radio presenter, Emma filled in for Judy on Richard and Judy’s chat show and even spent a week presenting the Loose Women show.

“Standing in for Judy was quite nerve-wracking but I was made to feel very welcome,” she says.

“I love doing television but I think a barrier comes up because you are a bit more careful. But [when presenting the radio show] I’m going to be sitting on my own with my producer doing my show so you can have a bit more banter with your audience.”

And she promises her afternoon shows will be just the thing you need to set you up for you Saturday night out.

“I’m going to play some great songs and it’s just going to be a bit of a laugh, it’s going to be very natural.”

“I want to get people ready for the weekend whether they are going out or staying in, to have a good Saturday afternoon into the evening,” she adds.

And lucky listeners may even get to hear their favourite Spice Girls classic and some juicy gossip.

“I have got loads of stories to tell,” she Emma.

“I think that’s the difference with me because I can tell stories of backstage, so I can talk about how it feels to be on stage.”

Emma show is broadcast on Heart at 97.0FM and 102.9FM from 4pm on Saturdays.



TheBiatches a écrit:

Wednesday, June 17, 2009, 15:52

LONG before the Spice Girls were even a twinkle in a svengali's eye, a girl called Emma Bunton was taping the Top 20 from the radio and playing at being a DJ.
She idolised the presenters who were broadcasting the music she loved, and wished that one day she could be like them.
Twenty years and 55 million record sales later, her dream is coming true.
Emma, 33, formerly known as Baby Spice, is about to become a weekly fixture of Whitstable-based Invicta FM's new-look station when it changes to Heart on Monday, June 22.
She will be at the helm on Saturday from 4pm to 7pm, promising lively music and celebrity gossip.
She said: "I used to pretend to be a DJ when I was younger.
"I made up my own radio show and would imagine I was talking to my audience, saying 'Hey, you're listening to Emma Bunton.'
"I'd be in my bedroom and play all my old songs like Luther Vandross and Bananarama. I had a tape machine with a microphone - it was all hi-tech back then, you know.
"I thought I was a proper DJ. I would play cassettes with recordings from the Top 20 on them.
"Sometimes mum would tell me to turn it down but she was quite good. She let me be a bit of a free-spirit.
"Now I'm so looking forward to doing the show for real. It is a dream come true.
"It's going to be a really upbeat, fun, Saturday night getting-ready to-go-out show.
"I want to know if the listeners are staying in watching a great movie or going to the cinema, going on a date, or going out with friends."
She added: "I'd love to have guests on, too, so I will be using my influence to get some good chats.
"I have already spoken to Lionel Richie, Ricky Gervais, the Saturdays, Colin Firth and Emily Blunt when I've been on Heart's Breakfast Show.
"Because I'm in the industry they were a little more comfortable and happy to talk.
"I'll try to get lots of gossip. As I'm getting older I'm getting more nosey. I want to know everything and I'll be telling listeners lots about what's going on in my life, too.
"My son Beau will be two in August and is absolutely great. He is giving lots of cuddles.
"One of the songs I'll be playing is Single Ladies by Beyonce because it's Beau's favourite.
"He does the little hand movement that she does in the video. It's so cute.
"But I'm waiting for the terrible twos!
"My partner Jade is an amazing support. He's a trainee chef so I get lots of great food cooked for me."
Emma is still buzzing about the recent Spice Girls reunion tour with fellow bandmates Geri Halliwell, Victoria Beckham, Mel C and Mel B.
She said: "I hope I'm not banned from playing the Spice Girls on my show because I have a couple lined up," she said with a laugh.
"I think I'll slip one in on week one. It will be something up-tempo like Spice Up Your Life."
She said: "We still keep in contact. I went to see Girls Aloud last week with Geri. We had really good fun. I saw Mel C the other day and Scarlet, her daughter, who is an adorable little thing, just a bundle of joy.
"I spoke to Victoria recently but haven't seen Mel B because she's been in Vegas for a while now.
"Nobody else know exactly what we go through so it's lovely to chat with each other.
"I still get called Baby – it happens all the time. I don't mind it – it depends how it is said!"
Emma is hoping to head down to Kent soon now she has a studio in Whitstable.
She admitted: "I don't have a beach hut but I'd love one.
"I don't know the Kent coast area very well but I've heard it's beautiful and friends tell me it's a gorgeous place to visit. I'll be visiting very soon."
We look forward to it. Roger Kasper.
* Emma Bunton's first show is from 4pm to 7pm on Saturday June 27.



Watch Emma's video and find out which Spice Girl she would love to have been and who she'd love to co-host a show with.
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merci beaucoup miss ^^


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