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Myspace répond aux questions de Fans

Message par Aurélien le Mar 6 Mai - 19:37

Melanie answers some of your questions!

Hello Melanie! What has been your biggest challenge so far having
your own record label? Looking forward to see ya'llz in ..:Montreal!

Mary Eve

There are so many positive aspects of having
your own label. A couple of them being, complete freedom and how
inspiring that is. As a small label you don't have the power and
finances as a major and that can be a challenge.

Other that your solo song on The Return of The Spice Girls tour, what was your favourite song to perform?

Lorenie Monzon, Los Angeles

My favourite song to perform on the tour was
'Viva Forever'. I loved the lighting, smoke, rotating platforms, the
tango and Paul Gendler's fantastic Spanish guitar.

It is very clear to me that you are every bit the musician and rock
star at heart, so how do you feel that somewhere in the world there is
probably someone in a pub who is standing in front of a TV with a beer
in one hand, a mic in the other, singing the hell out of one of your
songs for Karaoke Night?

Erika L. Pope

I hope that is true, I'd be very proud and happy someone is having as much fun as me on stage!

Hi Melanie!

If you put your iPod or iTunes on shuffle, what are the first 10 songs that appear?

Thank you,

Anastasia - Moscow, Russia

1. The Supremes – Keep Me Hanging On

2. Melanie C – I Turn To You!!!

3. Garbage – I Think I'm Paranoid

4. Dusty Springfield – Goin' Back

5. The Last Shadow Puppets – Black Plant

6. Barry White – You're The First, The Last, My Everything

7. Foo Fighters – The Pretender

8. Maximo Park – Girls Who Play Guitars

9. Elbow – My Very Best

10. Klaxons – As Above So Below

Hey Mel! Hope you're ok!

I've always wanted to know this: does anyone in your family, or
maybe a friend, collect the magazine and newspaper cuttings about you,
records your appearances on TV etc, just like us fans?

Love Anna Marina – Brazil

I have to admit, not as avidly as you guys – you find everything! But I do get copies of a lot of things I do.

Hi Mel!

I was wondering if you liked to play videogames, which console do you have and what's your favourite game?


Victor Martin

I've never been into video games but I quite fancy the Wii.

Hiya Melanie,

Just wondering, do you have any special preparation or things you do before going onstage?


My whole show day is prep! I like to work out
for about an hour – some cardio and stretching to open my lungs and
feel alive. I warm up vocally with exercises, sound check with the
band, chill out, eat some food, go over particularly difficult bits in
songs, make up on, get dressed, band huddle… show time

Hi Melanie!

I'd like to know what the song 'Out of Time' is about? A lot of people speculate that it's about your time with the Spice Girls.

Manoline, Asia

'Out Of Time' was inspired by the Spice
Girls. It's funny, it was written before any talk of a reunion so the
song felt weird for a while but now it feels more poignant.

Hey Melanie,

As a long-time fan, I think your b-side tracks are really top quality.
Would you ever consider a b-side album and is there any particular
b-side from your catalogue you'd like to perform live?

Laura McClean

I love my B-sides too. With iTunes and
downloading sites you can make your own playlists so I don't know
whether it would be worth it. There's lots of B-sides I'd love to
perform like 'Runaway', 'Warrior', 'Wonderland', 'Living Without You',
'Like That' and 'You Taught Me'. Two I have performed are 'Something's
Gonna Happen' and 'I Want You Back'

Hi Melanie, hope you're fine!

I would like to know if you would ever film a documentary about a future tour?

I watched the Easter Eggs from Live Hits and I would love to see a bit more of the backstage stuff of your gigs!

Good luck with everything and take care,

Luisa Damulakis

If I was able to do a big tour I'd love to
have a documentary made of it. I've got a crew on some of my Canadian
dates and we're going to show lots of footage on my Canadian MySpace
page, melanieclovescanada – check it out!
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Re: Myspace répond aux questions de Fans

Message par noem67 le Mar 6 Mai - 21:15

cool les infos !!! merci
Spicy nouveau

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Re: Myspace répond aux questions de Fans

Message par Spicyboy le Mer 7 Mai - 7:50

Elle écoute melanie C!!!!!!!! trop mignon!! et Out of time est sur les spice.......wao je vais alle rrécouter ça moi
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Re: Myspace répond aux questions de Fans

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