I don't Want to Stop

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I don't Want to Stop

Message par Aurélien le Lun 5 Mai - 18:00

'I don't want to stop!'

Chisholm -- better known as Melanie C, best known as Sporty Spice --
stops in Ottawa tonight on a cross-country tour. She called from London
last week to talk to Citizen writer Laura Stone about a certain
reunion, split personalities and why boys can be cheeky, too.

Laura Stone, The Ottawa Citizen
Published: Monday, May 05, 2008

Why are you touring your new record, This Time, for the first time in Canada? Do you just love Canadians that much?
do. I just can't get enough of you. That's what it is. I've just had a
great opportunity to release the album there, because it was released
in the U.K. and Europe a year ago. And I was out promoting and the
whole Spice Girls thing happened...

Oh, that whole thing.
that thing. That really halted everything I was doing with the album.
So, of course, you know the Spice Girls was incredible, it was such a
great thing to do. I don't regret any of it, but I'm really pleased
I've had the opportunity now to release the album in Canada and get out
there and play it live.

How does the disc sound compared to stuff you've done solo or with the Spice Girls?
of my solo work has been quite different from the Spice Girls. I really
enjoy being an individual and expressing myself in that way, so I've
worked with different musical styles. Fundamentally, I am a pop artist.
But it's nice to have little flavours of other things. When it came to
my fourth album, I wanted to do something gentle and beautiful and be
quite exposed and vulnerable as a vocalist and, you know, with your

Why did you decide to release a different single, Carolyna, in Canada?
The record company thought it'd be a good single. I love the song, it's a great video, so I didn't have any reason not to.

me about I Want Candy. That's such a fun song, and it had sort of an
Eastern flavour to it with all those trumpets and everything.

it was cool. I worked with Steven Hague, who's done quite a few tracks
on the album and is a great producer. Originally, I wasn't going to
have it on the album, it was for a British movie, and it just worked
out so well. We did a great video and it was being received very well
here in the U.K. and we felt why don't we just put it on there? People
seemed to be enjoying it, it was quite frivolous, you know, it wasn't
taking itself too seriously.

Tell me about Red Girl Records. I see on your MySpace "Melanie C Loves Canada" page that it's listed as an indie label.
it's my own label. I've self-financed my last two records, which is
quite scary to do, but you know it feels good and it's nice to have the
copyright of your own recordings.

What are your plans after this tour?
music industry is going through a rough time. I'm just going to keep
doing my thing. I'm watching how things are going and I'm just going to
keep making music.

Do you play any instruments?
I don't, not to performance level. I leave that to the professionals. I put on a good show, believe you me (laughs).

What's it like to go between your persona as Sporty and then Melanie C?
quite weird how easy it is. Because I hadn't worked with the Spice
Girls for, wow, 10 years or whatever, eight, nine years, I really
couldn't imagine myself up on stage having that persona as Sporty
Spice. (Yet) it just came so naturally. It's a little bit worrying
(laughs). As much fun as the Spice Girls is, it can be a little bit
dis-orientating when you are just part of something as opposed to just

What are the main differences between the two?
Girls to me is like a girls' night out. It's just girls being out,
being cheeky. And my solo work I suppose is more like you're all alone
-- you're just a little bit more thoughtful and emotional.

Do you think all girls have those two sides to them?
definitely, I think everybody does, girls and boys. We behave
differently in different people's company, don't we? I think when
you're out with your girlfriends or whether you're at home with your
parents, it's just different sides of the same person, isn't it?

it like to have toured with the Spice Girls to huge shows, just massive
sell-outs, and to now play clubs of about a thousand people?

fantastic. I love it. I feel so lucky. I don't think there's many
artists that have the opportunity to have done the biggest arenas, and
even stadiums back in the '90s, and now to be doing clubs and theatres
and a lot of outdoor events. I think the biggest audience we had was
250,000, which is pretty insane, you know? I have to say, around the
thousand mark is probably my favourite size. It's just big enough, but
it's small enough to feel intimate. The acoustics are always better, I
would say the atmosphere's better, there's a better rapport with the

Let me play devil's advocate. Why not go out on a high note with the Spice Girls? Why are you still doing these small shows?
I love it. I love making music. I love performing. I get so much
enjoyment from it. And I don't want to stop. I'm only 34!

How do your audiences react to your "British sound", if there is such a thing?
I think so. Especially when you get into Europe, there's definitely a
respect for British acts, which is really nice. It's interesting as you
travel. Here in the U.K., you tend to find there's more respect for
American acts, more than the homegrown talent. But travelling around,
people seem to appreciate the British sound.

What can people expect from your live show?
so completely different from the Spice Girls. It's just me and the
band. We have some great lights. But there's no dances, it's not a big
production, it's a gig. It's about the music. It's about a performance.
I just like to be expressive and get the songs out there and just have
a good time, really.

Do you have anything else you're dying to tell Canada, to tell Ottawa?
Ottawa, I've never been, so I'm very excited to come. And you know,
don't think I'm just Sporty Spice. If you think that, you're missing
out. Get along to the show and see what else I've got to offer.

- - -

Melanie C plays the Bronson Centre tonight. Tickets at ticketmaster.ca

© The Ottawa Citizen 2008

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Re: I don't Want to Stop

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ca donne quoi en francais lol j'ai pas envie de m'amuser a traduire lol
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