nouvelle interview d'Emma Bunton !

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nouvelle interview d'Emma Bunton !

Message par thomas le Dim 2 Déc - 15:36

60 Seconds with Emma ‘Baby Spice’ Bunton

Was a reunion always in the pipeline or was it just pressure from the fans?

It was never really planned. We all just thought it would be fun to resuscitate the band. I live very close to Mel C, so I brought it up. We agreed it would be fun, so we told the rest of the girls and they seemed keen too.

How different is it from when you all first hooked up?

We’re grown-ups now so there’s a lot more maturity. Also, most of us have kids so they’re there at rehearsals and in the studio with us. You can’t believe how much fun we have!

Do you find you’re not as energetic as you were at first?

Even though we’re older we’re more physically fit than we were when we first started. We have more energy than back then to do the dance routines and performances.

Is South Africa on the itinerary?

We’re not sure. We’re doing one country at a time and it also depends on ticket sales. We have been to the country before and we’d love to go again, so we’re holding thumbs!

Which country are you particularly excited to perform in?

We’re all from Britain and it was where we performed first, so we can’t wait to perform at home. The first concert will be in Los Angeles so we’re looking forward to that going well and setting the tone for the rest of the tour.

Is it true that you have your stage name, ‘Baby Spice’, tattooed on your behind?

[Laughs] ... No! I do have a tattoo somewhere down there, though.

Were you ever irritated being called ‘Baby Spice’?

A British radio station gave us our names, so it was quite sweet we didn’t come up with them ourselves. I was, and will always be, the youngest in the group so I don’t mind it.

You appear to be more low-profile than the other girls ...

I guess it’s because I remained in the UK after the band split. And the idea of living a relatively private life appealed to me.

Who would you say is the ‘alpha diva’ in the group?

We all have little roles we play. Victoria handles the fashion side, what we wear and who dresses us. I do the schedules and Mel B handles the time-out meetings where everybody gets to speak their mind.

You’re mother to a new baby, are you taking him on tour?

Of course! Baby Bo and my fiancé will be with me all the way. That’s one of the joys of our having gone back together, as adults with families and responsibilities — we see our families as extra members of the group.

It’s been said that you’re considering a permanent move to the States ...

I’m in the US for preparation of the tour, but I’m not considering moving permanently. I love living in Britain, close to my friends and family.

Which is more aggressive, British or American paparazzi?

The American paparazzi’s definitely more hectic, but I believe that it’s also about the way you as a celebrity handle them. I tend to treat them like understanding human beings, so I’ll ask them nicely to not get too close to me and (baby) Bo, for instance, and they understand.
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